Thursday, May 17, 2012


Yea... even more designs, was too pumped to work on this show, expect more in the future.

                                                                Toki's Throne Room

                                                          Dethklok ships new album.

                                                     Overhead View of Listening Room

                                                                  Sailor Bar Interior

Sailor Bar Reverse Interior -Design/Drawing - Me. Painting by Chris Fisher

Ext. Airport - Design/Drawing - Me. Painting by Chris Fisher


Claire Duffy said...

Woah! I was digging through the internet trying to find some nice res versions of these BGs to stare at for a while and look what I found. Awesome work. You know how awesome. Stunning, stunning bgs, I seriously don't know how to express how wonderful and thoughtful and solid I think these are... words are hard. Thanks for sharing!

Elliott said...

wow! awesome, thanks so much! im glad you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous! Thanks for posting these!

IrineSquad said...

Woweee! Finally i can see the backgrounds of metalocalypse.
I realy love the entire art of the series, the colors, the concept, the beautiful perspectives!
I´m a young illustrator from argentina, your work inspires me a lot.
When i see talented people like you, Christopher Fisher or Liz Arinian I feel that I have a long way to go :)

Sorry if my english is not correct xD

Ricardo Rochman said...

Hello Elliot, i would like to use your animation (port sketch) for my company presentation.

Please contact me