Thursday, May 17, 2012


Yea... even more designs, was too pumped to work on this show, expect more in the future.

                                                                Toki's Throne Room

                                                          Dethklok ships new album.

                                                     Overhead View of Listening Room

                                                                  Sailor Bar Interior

Sailor Bar Reverse Interior -Design/Drawing - Me. Painting by Chris Fisher

Ext. Airport - Design/Drawing - Me. Painting by Chris Fisher

Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Excuse the assault on the blog but, the first episode of the 4th season of Metalocalypse premiered 2 weeks ago. And since I never draw anything for myself... here's some designs I did for the first episode. 

 Unused stage angle... ouch!

Had to throw the color version of these in here, because they did such an amazing job painting them.

Wide Shot:
Drawing//Design - Me
Colors and Excellence - Liz Artinian

Close Up:'s in the episode I swear...
Drawing/Design - Me
Colors and Epicness - Chris Fisher