Monday, May 29, 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006

More Bg's

4 more bg's from my thesis. The desert bg is the final shot in the cartoon in which it shows the alien machines flying across the now destroyed drive-in theater.

Alien Turnaround

Alien Character Turn around and some automobiles for him to destroy.


Zombie Dudes

Some characters I'm wokin on for a super secret project!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The War Room scene was the first bg I finished completely. It was also an experiment to see how the rest of the bg's would look. It was my first time messing around with brushes and other such things in photoshop, instead of just using the paint bucket.

Leap o' Faith

Having fun.

Pitiful HUMANS!!

Very early rough of a robot that was going to be the alien in my thesis. I'm glad I ditched it. And thank my advisor for telling me to do so.

Old, Old man

"Yes that's it sir...One pound of toe nail clippings please."


Other bg's from my thesis. The piece in the bottom right was my brother's idea. In the cartoon the humans needed a way to destroy the aliens. What better way to do that then with a GIANT LAVA GUN...right?

The man looks like he knows what he wants!

I had done the piece on the left my freshman year in college.
I don't really do a lot of "Artsy" pieces. Up until now Animation
has pretty much consumed all of my drawing time. Now
that I'm done with it, I'd like to try doing this stuff more often.
It's a really nice change of pace.

Tales from the SKETCHBOOK!

Random stuff from my class notebook, and sketch
book. Sometimes when I want to draw, I have a
tendancy to not draw as well as I could. But when I
was bored in class, I would draw's damn frustrating.

Open up and say..."AH"

I did this drawing awhile back. Every face is taken from various magazine covers.

Random drawings come together!!

These aren't "real" comic pages. I needed an interesting way to display some random drawings and experimented with this.

Zombie Concepts

Some zombie concepts done in marker. Did these at around 3 in the morning, sometimes you can do good work with little sleep.