Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I don't have much new stuff that's worth posting, and I was holding out to post something other than more backgrounds... but it's all i got! :

Cut scene from Superjail! The Time Police ep was running 4 mins over the alotted time, I think. This scene I thought was really funny, and was none too happy that it got cut.

Background for a pitch for Fox about Little bo Peep being a huge drunk. Pretty funny stuff.

Sidescrolling level design layout for an online videogame called Planet Cazmo. This is the underwater level where you can purchase subs and level up!


Anonymous said...

Long time no see! awesome backgrounds... I seriously strive to become this awesome oneday.

Don't you hate it when the good stuff gets cut out? At least they can put in on the DVD boxset if they make one. c:
Keep up the good work.

mikecarloooyeah said...

Great stuff Elliot. Haven't forgotten about you.
I ll keep you posted man. For now good stuff, keep it up dude.

mikeafc said...

Cool! I play planet cazmo and i am an ambassador. Great drawings! I like them!

Ambassador Agent {PCAP#38} said...

Hey great site! Planet Cazmo is a great game! I'm one of the ambassadors AgentCazmo. I'm also going to be helping Pileated Pictures develope an iPhone application for planet cazmo. If you have any other prototype or cool planet cazmo pictures or sketches could you please!!!!! Send some to me!!!!! Me email Is My website about planetcazmo Is please check it out! I'm good at photoshop too! So like I said I'd rlly apreciate it if u could send me some pictures and sketches!!!!

Ed said...

How are those line on the background so straight?! I really don't know anything about this type of art but since I saw Superjail! I was amazed with the backgrounds and animation.

I tried duplicating something like this background on my tablet but I obviously have a lot more trying to do. Should I be using a vector drawing program to get a more similar look?

Anonymous said...

when's the next post?


Maurizio Ercole said...

Great works! Any chance to see a preview animation online?

Joe Cappabianca said...

Yo dude, this stuff is so dope, great job.

John Surace said...

Briar Patch: This is a magnificent depiction, and the organic quality of 14th Century architecture lends itself to your illustrative style.