Monday, January 14, 2008

Superjail! and Kix!


These are some backgrounds that I've been designing for Superjail! Needless to say the characters are the real stars here, the crew designing them is fantastic. Working on this production has been nothing short of a dream. Everyone is amazing and great, I love being able to work with such a crew. The pilot is available on youtube to watch


I've also been doing backgrounds on a music video by a band called "The Real Tuesday Weld." My buddy George Fort (also superjail bg designer-check blog on right!) George is directing it and so far it looks pretty damn awesome. You can check out the first video George directed for the band here.

The new one promises to be bigger and better. Both are great songs, with some great art by George. These are some of the designs I did, Colored by George's wife Monica!


Unknown said...

did anyone ever tell you how awesome you are at backgrounds!?!?

Anonymous said...

i second the motion
this show is going to go through the f'in roof!


Unknown said...

Very nice jobs (not just to this post. All of them) And great palettes in the BGs. You can visit
there are some BGs for a film where I have worked a few years ago.

Excuse my english, not is my native language.

mikecarloooyeah said...

Awesome stuff dude! Superjail looks sweet. I love the design of the show! Keep it comming.

sal iovine said...

elliott i finally found your blog. dude these bg's are super dope. really enjoy your design and color palette as well. this show looks bad ass!